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Syawal Day 4 Rembau Most Wanted!


Hi there peeps. Sorry for the two weeks hiatus. Kaisara was not feeling well about a week ago but Alhamdulillah, she's doing much better now...in fact she's getting cheekier by the day! This is the final week of Syawal and before we bid farewell to Syawal, I have one last post to share about how my family and I spent our 4th day of Aidilfitri.

In case you haven't read the earlier posts, here's Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

The morning of 4th Syawal, after breakfast...we made our move from Pekan, Pahang all the way to Rembau. It took us about 4 hours or so and we arrived at Kampung Tanjung, Kota, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. This is where my late mother was born. Right in this house!!!

Yup, this is the house!!

The stairs leading to the entrance. There's another one on the other side ;)

Behind the scenes...was telling hubby that we should shoot on the other side

Adel Mikail my nephew as usual invited himself for our family photo..haha ;P You'll see more of him appearing in other photos as well

My sister and our cousins used to play on the second floor of this house, it was quite scary to go upstairs at that time as there were many bats in the attic :(

Happy and free little Kaisara Lily while that Adel Mikail is crossing his arms :|

Kalau balik KL memang tak dapat lari-lari macam ni

Say Cheese!

A candid moment!

Yours truly and Kaisara in the animal farm! There's ducks, chickens, birds and kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya ;P

Adel Mikail claimed that he was scared of the Chickens! Hence, Papa Ngah lift him up so that the Chickens won't bite..haha

Love this photo! Masing-masing dengan gaya yang tersendiri ;)

We had mee/mee hoon soup for late lunch at Grandma Cik's. Her house is located on the same ground as Onyang's house. She's taking care of Onyang's house for the time being.

Here's us with Grandma Cik!

Grandma Cik and her grandchildren, known as Uncles and Aunties to Kaisara, Adel and Aref ;)

Here's BIL carrying little Aref Gibril! ;) So tembam-tembam lah Aref ni!

This is my kampung on my late mother's side where I go back to every Raya. This was where she was born and where she grew up. A memory for us to treasure indeed. She may not be here with us today but it's important that my sisters and I remember our roots. Remember where we came from. 

Yes, we are from Negeri Sembilan and we're the descendants of Sedia Raja of Biduanda. I am no history expert but it's interesting to learn all this culture, you know. I'm sure that you're aware of Adat Temenggung and Adat Perpatih and all that stuffs. FYI, before hubby and I got engaged, the one question that orang-orang tua would usually ask in, "Ekau suku apo?" Yup, they need to know from which clan we come from as according to the Adat, two people from the same clan/suku can't get married. By the way, hubs is the descendants of Paya Kumboh. Paya Kumboh where you at?? (sound familiar?)

It gets more interesting on hubs side of his family as there are four, yes 4 clans in the family. Hub's SIL is from the Tanah Datar clan and hub's Mak Long is from the Selemak clan if I'm not mistaken...hehe. The more clan the merrier ;)

Back to the original story...to end the day of 4th Syawal, we visited my little sister who's staying in Labu.

Us three sisters in black hijabs! We had lemang, rendang and KFC at her house. Lemang tu sedap giler!

We then made our move home as I had to work the next day. It was a tiring but fun day indeed.

That's how I spent my 4th day of Syawal peeps! Till my next post, have a great week ahead okay! ;)

What I wore: Contrast Panel Peplum Baju Kurung in Nude/Black by Melinda Looi, Pari Pari Shawl in Black from I Love Tudung, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere and my comfy Fit Flops ;)

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