Thursday, 3 October 2013

Premium Beautiful Elegance


Yesterday, the CDMs of GLAM were selected by the Company to be the first group to exclusively preview the all new Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset! Untung berada dalam GLAM!

*Credit photo to Naa 

Introducing the All New Premium Beautiful Elegance, an Aesthetically Designed Premium Beautiful!

At the product review yesterday!

An up-close view of Premium Beautiful Elegance!

The Positioning:

Where classic meets elegance!

Transform your body into a curvaceous one by wearing Premium Beautiful Classic and Premium Beautiful Elegance!

Us women, we come in different body shapes but we can all achieve a beautiful body shape. How?

Of course by using a good quality body shaper like Premium Beautiful Elegance!

Competitor Vs Premium Beautiful

Wait till you see this...










*Credit photo to Naa
Say hello to the Premium Beautiful Elegance Long Bra!

And this is the Premium Beautiful Elegance Long Girdle!

My personal opinion, I think the All New Premium Beautiful Elegance looks better and sexier I must say ;) I bet it feels comfier too! Can't wait to wear it!!! Am super excited about it!!!

Wanna witness the launch of Premium Beautiful Elegance?

Be a part of our exciting event and experience an exclusive product review where YOU can touch, try and feel this new Premium Beautiful Elegance corset!

Get your measurements taken, get ready for a fitting and can purchase it on the spot!!!

Be among the first 1,000 to own this new Premium Beautiful Elegance!

One of our GLAM CDM will be on stage as a speaker during this event sharing her testimony on wearing the new Premium Beautiful Elegance!

SAVE THE DATE, 9th November 2013
at MIECC! Contact me to book your seats!!

HURRYYY!!! It's an event that you wouldn't want to miss!

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