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Majlis Ulangtahun Hai-O Marketing ke-21 (MUT-21)


Hey there my dear blog readers. Hope you are in the best of health, in shaa Allah. Am so sorry for the lack of updates recently...I hope you understand. Honestly, I have like about 4 new entries to post on this blog of mine but for now...let's start off with one first okay..ehehe

Last Saturday, on the 9th November 2013, us GLAMpreneurs celebrated Hai-O Marketing's 21st anniversary! Yup, the Company is 21 years young!!! This goes to show that Hai-O Marketing is a very stable and strong company and has been growing ever since it's incorporation.

MUT-21 took place at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in Seri Kembangan. The event started at 12.30 pm in the afternoon until 7 pm. But us GLAMpreneurs were there until 5.30 pm as we had another event that night. Can you guess what it is??? Yup, it was GLAM Night. In shaa Allah, I will blog about that in my next post.

That Saturday...hubs, Kaisara and I left the house at 11 am and we went to MIL's first to drop Kaisara as MIL was babysitting her for the whole day. Thanks Mak! Hehe.. We then made our move to MIECC and we were stuck in traffic for a while and reached MIECC around 1.30 pm.

Parked our car and climbed 4 flights of staircase...phewww, it was indeed an exercise! I quickly registered our tickets in order to receive the goodie bags and immediately called my fellow business partners, Akhma & Jaja. Both of them were on the 2nd floor witnessing the new Premium Beautiful Elegance Runway Show by Dani Maia. Yes, will blog about this in another post as the meantime, please bear with me okay..hehe

Are you ready for some photo action??? Well, here goes...

Here's us after the Premium Beautiful Elegance Runway Show!

From left: Akhma, Jaja, CDM Maisarah Ibrahim and me. CDM Maisarah was chosen as a speaker representing GLAM to share her experience in doing this business for more than 4 years now. Sangat HEBAT!!!

Us with our dear mentor, CDM Naa Kamaruddin looking gorgeous and glowing in a dress by Rizman Ruzaini ;)

A part of CDM Naa Kamaruddin's Beautiful Circles team :)

We then went inside the hall as the event was about to begin...

The hall was pitch black as these performers presented a show on stage using LED lights, it was really cool!

A group photo with my business partners! Alhamdulilah, Shazlina Omar & Sazila Yusof made it after all..hehe

With my business partners, Shazlina Omar & Sazila Yusof. They are lawyers by profession and still they find time to do this business in order to achieve time and financial freedom, in shaa Allah.

Our dear Celebrity Mentor CDM Hanis Haizi
GLAM CDMs, 4 of them were crowned as Crown Diamond Manager at this year's MUT.


Misha Omar was invited to perform at the MUT-21! She performed 3 songs and it was I was right in front of the stage ;)

After Misha Omar's performance, it was us GLAMpreneurs turn to get ready as CDM Maisarah Ibrahim was about to give her speech. All of us went on stage and waited for the right moment to perform our 'Goyang Duyu' sempena mengiringi CDM Maisarah ke pentas.

Here's CDM Razali Zain, one of our GLAM founder leading us with the 'Goyang Duyu'!

CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Maisarah Ibrahim at the front!

Us GLAMpreneurs had a blast performing the 'Goyang Duyu'! We really enjoyed ourselves ;)
P.S. Guess who's that GLAMpreneur in the Green hijab? *wink wink*

After the performance ended, CDM Maisarah started her speech which was definitely full on inspiration. Previously, she worked as an Engineer at Perbadanan Putrajaya and was doing this business part time. After a year of doing it part time, she resigned from her job and became a full time GLAMpreneur. In shaa Allah, I hope to become a full time GLAMpreneur too one day!

After CDM Maisarah was finished with her speech...we left MIECC in order to get ready for the next event which was GLAM Night! Can't wait to blog about that soon. I'll try my best to have the post up by this coming week okay readers ;)

Till then...

GLAM Hebat

SAYA Hebat

PASTI Hebat!

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