Tuesday, 31 December 2013

GLAM Dinner 2013 Video!

As salam. Hello there!

The wait is now over!!

Here's the video from our GLAM Dinner 2013!


GLAM Dinner 2013 from Razali Zain on Vimeo.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Invalise @invalise
Princess Victoria Stylo
Hafiz Atan Pictures @pbuncut
Ajue Rashid
Hazelin Shamsudin

Come and join us!

Be a GLAMpreneur today!

Find out more by following us on instagram and look out for these hashtags:


Here's what some of our famous fans have to say...

"Powerful, Motivated and Professional..."-Dato' Radzuan Radziwill

"Beautiful, Elegant, fun to watch!"-Rizman Ruzaini

"Malaysia's Rising Worlwide Online Network"-HanisTV

"Interesting, I really like the name..."-CapitalTV

"Business Moghul..."-InTrend Magazine

"Mogul Idola 2013..."-Majalah Hijabista

"Satu kuasa baru..."-Majalah Nona

"Usahanya tidak sia-sia..."-Majalah Jelita

I am glad to be a part of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM).

See you in 2014 future GLAMpreneurs!!

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