Friday, 9 May 2014

Hospitalised!! :(


Am truly sorry for the month long hiatus on my blog. Have been so busy with work, family, business and in the end it got the best of wise that is.

I was recently admitted to Kajang Plaza Medical Centre for having on/off fever, cough and flu for over a week. Alhamdulillah, I was discharged yesterday.

I'm taking the opportunity here to share with my blog readers what actually happened to me. To be honest, it started out in April...

On 23rd April I was on sick leave from work due to having a really bad sore throat and stuffy nose. I was sneezing almost every 5 minutes. And I started to develop cough from all that sneezing. But I had to work the next day as I had an appointment at a client's office to conduct statutory audit.

If you asked me, I'd rather not take MCs and have my bonus points deducted and receive less than a month's bonus. Oh, yes! I forgot to mention where by where I work, if you take MCs/ELs...a point will be deducted from your bonus points calculation. Not to think too much about it, I'd rather focus on my health and my family rather than focusing on the money.

I resume work like usual as there are deadlines to meet. I worked from the 24th to 26th April, enjoyed my Sunday off and continued working on 28th April. Came back from work that 28th with a fever, my temperature was 38.1 degrees Celsius. Had 2 PCM tablets, wore my socks and cardigan and covered myself with a blanket. Went to sleep till the next morning. Hubs woke up late and I told him that I really could not make it to office as I had no energy at all. Hubs had to send Kaisara off to school where I could fully rest at home. And we only went to the doctor's that night and I was diagnosed as having normal fever, cough, flu and sore throat.

I had to attend a tax training on the 30th at Megan Avenue II, I no longer had fever but cough, flu and sore throat was still my companion at that time. By the time training ended, I waited for hubs at his office in Bangsar and I started to feel like the fever was coming back. I quickly had 2 PCM tablets to make it go away. We went home together and fetched Kaisara on our way back.

Yes, I worked on 1st May...because by doing so I was able to get my work done to meet deadlines and settled on-hand assignments before I was scheduled to be out on a field audit. Hubs was definitely not too pleased about me working on a public holiday and we ended up with with a quarrel. In the end, we did make up...I know where I did wrong and will definitely try my best to become a better solehah wife.

Resumed work like usual from 2nd to 3rd May, enjoyed my Sunday off and started my audit work at client's place in Ampang on Monday the 5th. I started to experience excruciating pain behind my head every time I cough or lower my head down. It was pain that I could not endure. Bare in mind, I was still having flu and sore throat at that time. It was raining that evening, left client's office and fetched Kaisara and made it home safely. I started to feel like I'm having fever again and the pain behind my head got worst. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was having a migraine attack which I haven't had one in a long while.

That night we went to the clinic where I was given PCM and I was ordered a blood test to rule out dengue. Alhamdulillah, my blood cells were in normal range. It was quite a while waiting as the doctor was busy with an emergency case. The doctor checked my throat and it was tonsillitis and concerned with my on/off fever, cough and flu which have not subsided for over a week and decided to get me admitted so that I'll be given IV fluids.

And there I was that night with Kaisara and hubs, waiting for my room to be ready.

We were dealing with a lot on our plate at that moment as hubs was just transferred to a new department and he had to make it to work for that first day in the new department. I told him what had to be done and that Kaisara had to be sent to school the next morning like usual. Alhamdulillah, hubs managed that Tuesday the 6th May quite well. It was his last day in his old department.

With hubs handling everything, I was all alone in my room during the was a rest which I definitely needed.

I was on to my 2nd bottle of IV drip that Tuesday...

The 2nd bottle

Later that night, I had a few visitors...

Kaisara Lily came to visit me...She was saying, "Mama, mama, mama...", as she hasn't seen me for the whole day. Hanya Allah yang tahu how much I missed her during my days and nights in the hospital.

My sister and her family came to visit me too. Here's a photo of Kaisara Lily and her cousin Abang Adel Mikail :) Thank you for visiting Mama Ngah in the hospital Adel Mikail and Aref Gibril!

That night hubs and Kaisara went home. Hubs managed to get things done like the previous night and went to work like usual on Wednesday the 7th as this was his first day in his new department.

I spent the day resting like usual with the nurse giving me my medications and replacing my IV fluids up till my 6th bottle where I woke up that morning looking like a 'fish'! What the fishhhh?! My face was all swollen due to too much water. I was looking rather chubby I must say. My face slowly returned to normal by that night and hubs and Kaisara came and spent the night there with me. The doctor came and mentioned that he looked at my x-ray and it seemed okay and if everything is okay by the next day, I was to be given my last dose of antibiotic the next morning and I could be discharged. Alhamdulillah, what a relief!!!

That morning was Thursday the 8th May..I was given my antibiotic via IV drip as promised and waiting patiently to be discharged. Alhamdulillah, I was discharged that afternoon. Hubs dealt with my medication, hospitalisation letter and medical certificate while I look after Kaisara. It was a joy to see the sunlight. I haven't been exposed to the sun for 2 whole days. I missed the sun shine. Am continuing to have a full rest at home today, will be back in office tomorrow and I hope I have fully recovered and I do not want to be hospitalised again. The last time I was hospitalised was when I gave birth to Kaisara in 2012...and before that was in 2010 due to a carbuncle I had behind my neck. Despite of the usual flu, headache, diarrhoea and cough that I have throughout the year...I rarely get seriously sick/ill. But when I do, it takes a long time recover.

I wish to thank my family members, business partners, friends, colleagues and even strangers for praying for my speedy recovery. I can only ask Allah to return your favour and pray that you are also in the best condition of health. Yes, there were also remarks and comments made by some people who were not so kind about me being hospitalised. I can only pray that Allah bless you with good heath, Aamiin. I am just a human being, I did not ask for this...I seek forgiveness from Allah.

Till my next post, take care...

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