Sunday, 31 August 2014

Kaisara Lily's Second Febrile Seizure :(


I've never shared this publicly but there's always a first time for it. I guess me sharing about it will be an eye opener for parents out there hoping that it'll be helpful too in a way in shaa Allah.

30th August 2014 was the second time Kaisara Lily had a febrile seizure/fit. It was a really bad timing. She first experienced it at the age of 1 year and 9 days...that was back in 2013. We were exposed to it for the very first time and of course we panicked like crazy. Hubs was crying too as we didn't know what was wrong with Kaisara :(

Since then, we were trained by the doctors the necessary steps that we should take in case it happens again. We started to monitor her fever with extra care because we didn't want her to have a fit again.

Unfortunately, it happened again. And we were at Janda Baik at that time for MIL's office Family Day. She was fine during the day until late afternoon, she slowed down and her temperature started to rise. We showered her to cool her temp down and she fell asleep. She was easily startled in her sleep and we had a very bad feeling...until she started to shiver right in front of us and her eyes were looking up and focused. We knew it, she was having a fit again.

We rushed to the car and both hubs and I panicked like crazy. Looked for the nearest clinic that was opened but we weren't lucky. All were closed since it was a Saturday. I held her in my arms ensuring that she was on her side and made sure that she was breathing. Hubs was driving while MIL was trying to contact someone who would know where was the nearest hospital.

The fit lasted longer this time. The first time around it was about 3-5 minutes. But this time, it was around 5-10 minutes. We ended up at Bentong Hospital using the small roads and there was a police road block too on our way.

Kaisara started to wake up from her fit when we arrived at the hospital but she was feeling weak, tired and sleepy. Managed to see the doc and her temp was quite high due to tonsillitis. There was nothing much to do about it rather than medication and monitoring her temperature. We left the hospital, arrived at Janda Baik, packed our stuffs and decided to go home that very night.

We monitored her temperature, gave her medication accordingly and showered her when it was necessary to cool her body down. Alhamdulillah, she was feeling better the next day. Since her first fit, the thermometer, small towel, PCM medication have been our trusted friend. We would not leave the house without them.

Kaisara Lily sayang, Papa and Mama sayang Kaisara so much. We pray that you are always in the best of health, grow up to be a wonderful daughter who respects her parents and may you succeed in dunya and akhirat, Aamiin. We love you sayang.

At Bentong Hospital, Kaisara Lily taking a nap..

What I felt like when it happened the second time :(

Semoga Kaisara Lily sentiasa sihat in shaa Allah...

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