Wednesday, 28 January 2015

GLAM Bowling Day!


Last Saturday was our GLAM Bowling Day, another event by GLAM!

Tapi sebelum we had our bowling day, pagi itu kami GLAMpreneurs attended our GLAM training class terlebih dahulu.

Ni muka-muka happy Beautiful Circles ladies yang dah tak sabar nak pergi main bowling ;P

But before kita proceed ke Sunway Pyramid, let's take a groupie first!

Since the event started at 2.00 in the afternoon, masing-masing dah sampai Sunway Pyramid before 2 sebab nak lunch and solat before the bowling games begin.

Since the GLAM Bowling day was also opened to other than GLAMpreneurs, ramai juga yang datang untuk memeriahkan lagi event kami.

Here's Effa, her hubby and son Umar :)

Our bowling lane...ade hubs, Kaisara,yours truly, Kak Faeza, her baby and her hubby too!

Our neighbour sebelah pula was Ikin and her daughter and at the back there you can spot Dhirah ;)

It was definitely fun sebab myself and hubs pun memang dah lama tak main bowling. At the end of the game, ada prizes for everyone. Not bad juga since I managed to be in the Top 30...haha

We really enjoyed ourselves dan yang paling penting sekali ukhwah sesama kami semua terjalin semakin erat, in shaa Allah.

 Group photo to end the successful GLAM Bowling Day!

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