Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Another Family Wedding!


Last weekend was another family wedding we attended in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. I blogged about a family wedding back in November 2014 which you can read about here. At that time is was Along's wedding. Like I mentioned in that blog post, Along is the brother of hub's sister-in-law, Eja. This time around, the bride is Eja's twin sister, Ieta.

On our way to Bahau ;)

I helped Eja and Ieta to order these cupcakes from Ixalicious for one of the hantaran trays.

These two girls kalau jumpa, non-stop main sama-sama ;P

With the bride and groom after their solemnization ceremony.
From left: Eja, Keisha, Majid (groom), Ieta (bride), Kaisara and yours truly.

At the dessert table. The table was all decorated and done by Eja. Spotted little Aulia there!

I also helped Eja and Ieta ordered the wedding cake too from Ixalicious :)

Congratulations to Majid and Ieta!

See, told you! Non-stop playing but this time little Aulia joined them at the photobooth ;P

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