Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kaisara Lily is 3!


We celebrated Kaisara Lily's 3rd birthday on Sunday. Yup, her actual birthday is on the 22nd of February. After giving it a lot of thought, we decided to have a birthday party for her and we settled on Frozen as the party's theme.

This was actually Kaisara's first party as we didn't host any for her first and second birthday because we concluded that she didn't need one at that such young age.

It was just a small party where we invited close family members to celebrate her birthday.

This was her birthday cake!
We ordered this from Sweet Nothings Baking Co.
Kaisara super loves this cake as it had Frozen characters on them which she can play with later ;)

When it was time to sing her the birthday song...she went into scared mode! We were definitely not expecting this. Her cousins Aulia and Keisha were all excited but Kaisara Lily was in tears :(

Everybody sang for her but she gave us that look!

Since this was her first party, I think she got scared and didn't know how to react. She ended up in tears and didn't want to blow the candles on her birthday cake unless we did it all together.

Only then she started to calm down and felt a little bit better. Oh my Kaisara! Kesian dia.

D.I.Y. "KAISARA IS 3" snowflakes banner
and some Frozen coloured frills

I didn't have that much time to prep for the decoration and this was the best I could do since there was another family event I had to settle and I was coming down with a fever. *Sorry yer Sayang, Mama tak sempat nak decorate lebih-lebih

At the end of the party, there she was happy with all the presents that she received

She might have been shy and tak berapa sporting that day, but we really hope you enjoyed your birthday Sayang. Papa and Mama sayang Kaisara Lily so much!

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