Saturday, 14 March 2015

GLAM - Great Leaders Are Made


Last Saturday was GLAM's Great Leaders Are Made Seminar!

It was held at Pearl International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The outfit theme for the seminar was black and green!

Here's a #selfie of the Beautiful Circles ladies that morning before the seminar began

First half of the day was focused more on the goals for 2015 and the directions of achieving our goals. Some of the topics for that morning were the Company's Activities, Being A Successful Entrepreneur and Sharing of Success Stories

Here's CDM Naa Kamaruddin one of the speakers during the GLAM seminar

Then it was lunch time! ;)

Us GLAMpreneurs were very lucky as one of the motivational speakers for the afternoon session was Dr. HM Tuah Iskandar.

We really enjoyed Dr. Tuah's session. It was serious, fun and happening all at the same time :)
Us GLAMpreneurs with GLAM founders, CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain
Official photo of the Great Leaders Are Made Seminar

GLAMpreneurs with Dr. HM Tuah Iskandar

GLAM Committee Members with the Guest Speaker

Thank you CDM Naa and CDM Shaliza and all GLAM Committee Members who worked hard and made the Great Leaders Are Made Seminar a success. I definitely enjoyed myself and will put the knowledge that I gained that day to a good use!

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