Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Melaka in 2015!


Yes, we were back in Melaka for the first time in 2015 and it was in early March.

Tapi before we made our move to Melaka that Saturday, I had the chance to attend GLAM Saturday Training first!

Topic on that day was about

At the end of each training, of course ada group photo!

Lepas tu, off to Melaka we went!

Where we stayed for 2 nights!
The Avillion Legacy Melaka Hotel ;)

You ought to know by now if Lily sekeluarga pergi Melaka, where would we usually have ikan bakar for dinner?

Yup, none other than Restoran Ikan Bakar Parameswara in Umbai.
And gambar ni summarised what we had for dinner that night!

The next day we went for a Melaka River Cruise

Selama-lama pergi Melaka tak pernah sempat nak naik cruise but this time dapat merasa juga ;)

And for tea, we had Nasi Lemak and Original Klebang Coconut Shake like we usually do :)

Nasi Lemak dia sedap escpecially tang sambal nya tu sebab agak pedas tapi memang sodap!

We discovered something in Melaka...

It's called Kuih Keria Antarabangsa!

Selama-lama ni datang Melaka tak pernah tahu pun pasal kuih keria yang famous ni.

This is the shop! Kuih Keria Antarabangsa Hj. Jalil located at Limbongan

Apparently, you have to order your kuih keria first and leave you telephone no. Once they're ready, the staff will call you up to collect your kuih. The first time around, we ordered only 10 pieces sebab takut tak sedap and takut kena tunggu lagi lama.

Tapi sekali bila datang pick up kuih...

Menyesal order 10 biji jer :(

Sedap yang amat sangat rupanya! They used Gula Melaka to sira the kuih keria. No wonder la sedap! It's crispy on the outside but smooth and soft on the inside. Rasa memang sedap, manis sangat pun tak...just nice!

Guess what we did the next day?

After we checked out from the hotel, we went to Limbongan and ordered 20 pieces to bring back to KL ;P
Memang berbaloi-baloi beli kuih ni!

Bila lagi eh kita nak pegi Melaka?
Nak makan kuih keria antarabangsa ni lagi!

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