Monday, 30 March 2015

Premium Beautiful Misconceptions

Hey there ladies!

Dah lama tak share pasal Premium Beautiful kan?

So today, Lily nak cerita sikit misconceptions about Premium Beautiful!

Ramai rupanya di luar sana yang masih tertanya-tanya lagi mengenai Premium Beautiful ni. And most of them have the wrong impression about Premium Beautiful corset. In brief, the following are some of the misconceptions:

#5: Premium Beautiful is uncomfortable to wear

People think that Premium Beautiful has to be worn real tight in order for it to work! Because of this reason too that some women are scared to even try it.

In actual fact, Premium Beautiful is actually very comfortable to wear when you are measured correctly and fitted by a Premium Beautiful Expert (GLAMpreneurs). Premium Beautiful is designed for comfort while maintaining its function as a body shaper.
Why people think it's uncomfortable? Because they're not used to it/familiar with it yet. Once you get used to wearing it, it doesn't feel strange at all.

#4: I didn't lose weight after wearing Premium Beautiful

It seems that one must lose weight after wearing Premium Beautiful.

This is hardly the case as there are numerous testimonials out there that share the positive results of wearing Premium Beautiful and losing weight is just one of them! There are many health benefits of wearing Premium Beautiful. Some of them include correcting your body posture, reposition the shape of your breasts, reduces period pain and many more. In terms of total body shaping and health, Premium Beautiful is the best because it combines the benefits of Far Infrared Rays.

  #3: Premium Beautiful is for fat people

Only fat people should wear Premium Beautiful.

Premium Beautiful is not only for people with over weight issues. It can also help women with under weight issues. Yes, skinny people can wear Premium Beautiful too! In fact, Premium Beautiful can help you to achieve an ideal body weight and correct your body posture.

#2: Premium Beautiful is expensive

Spending over RM2,000 for a lingerie body shaper is too much.

If you think over RM2,000 is expensive, think again. Premium Beautiful has lifetime warranty. If you need just 1 set for life, do you really think it's expensive? On average, how much do we spend on bras on a yearly basis? How many pairs of bras do we need a year? Do the math and you'll find that Premium Beautiful will save more money.

#1: Premium Beautiful ni panas!

"Panaslah pakai Premium Beautiful ni!"

Nope! Tak panas pakai Premium Beautiful ni. Sebabnya? Premium Beautiful is made from Akwatek and Akwadyne materials. Apa Akwatek and Akwadyne ni?

Akwatek Akwadyne membantu pengaliran haba dalam badan kita. Bila tengah lakukan outdoor activity tengah panas, kita akan rasa selsesa sebab haba dari badan akan akan keluar melalui fabrik dari Premium Beautiful ni. If kita tengah rasa sejuk macam tengah snow dekat overseas tu, haba akan kekal pula dalam badan supaya kita tak rasa sejuk sangat. In a way, it can help to adjust suhu badan kita melalui teknologi Akwatek Akwadyne.

Now that you know the TRUTH, should you buy and wear Premium Beautiful?

YES, YES, and YES!!!

Bra Panjang



So what are you waiting for?

Contact me TODAY to purchase your very own PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset!

Payment methods available:
1. Cash/Debit Card/Online Transfer
2. Credit Card
*PB/HLB/Citibank credit card holders boleh dapatkan ansuran bulanan with 0% interest for 1 year. Bank-bank lain tertakluk kepada interest rate masing-masing
3. Combination of Cash and Credit Card
*Half cash and half credit card juga diterima
4. Monthly installment as low as RM95/month
*Terms and conditions apply

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