Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Universal Studios Singapore!

Hello there! Last January, the whole family went to JB and Singapore for a family trip. We arrived in JB on 29th January and went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) on the 30th.

The pictures below sum up our USS trip...

 The 3 kiddos after the Woodlands Immigration Point, masing-masing dah start buat muka bosan sebab lambat sangat sampai USS ;P

Mama and Anje queuing for our first ride...there's Anje's Grandpa in the background :) 

The kids and Memmy looking forward to their ride

Here's Mama and Anje boarding a crate at Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride ;)

Lepas tu naik King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round pula

Lepas tu the three kiddos and I went for Shrek 4-D Adventure where all 3 of them were scared. Nasib baik I choose the non-moving seats, if not pengsan nak jaga 3 budak dalam seat yang bergerak-gerak tu...phewww

Anje tengah tunggu turn nak naik Dino-Soarin' in Lost World

Dah naik, tengah tunggu untuk start jalan pula

The whole family had lunch at Oasis Spice Cafe in Ancient Egypt sebab semua dah kelaparan

Lepas lunch, we headed back to Lost World to watch the WaterWorld show. This was our second time watching it. First time masa I was preggy with Kaisara Lily in my belly ;)

The kiddos, Deddy and I queued to board the Accelerator in Sci-Fi City

Boleh tahan laju jugak la benda ni pusing

Memmy, Adik, Anje and I watched the Sesame Street Show - When I Grow Up but the show stopped halfway due to technical difficulties :( Boo hoo!


Masa ni Abang Adel and Deddy tak join sebab dia orang naik TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. Grandpa pula tengah round ke mana masa tu tak pasti.

We waited until 3 p.m. and were lucky enough to watch the Hollywood Parade. The kiddos enjoyed themselves the most!

Dah habis tengok parade, shopped for more souvenirs and time to take more photos.

 Grandpa and his 3 grandchildren dengan perangai masing-masing

Tak ada yang seorang pun pandang camera nak amik gambar, puas dah suruh senyum bagai

 Anje and Mama at the globe

Grandpa and cucu-cucunya punya turn di globe pula

Before we headed back to JB, we made a stop to take away Chicken and Lamb Beriyani and Chicken and Lamb Murtabak for dinner

Yang paling best pegi USS kali ni is because the kids truly enjoyed themselves.

This was our fifth time to JB/Singapore rasanya. The first time was in 2011 during our pre-Kaisara days. Masa tu ada grand opening of USS. Kali ke-2 was in 2012. Kali ke-3 pula was in 2013 but we didn't make it to Singapore, just kat JB jer. In 2014 pula pada awal tahun during Chinese New Year where the whole family jatuh sakit sebab food poisoning and recently this year was our fifth betul la kira tu..hihi

Next post I will update on our family trip to Langkawi pula in shaa Allah.
Till then, take care semua ;)

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