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Are you looking for business opportunities?

Look no further!!

Thinking of starting or joining the business?
First, call or text message (sms) me. My phone number is 012-2325176. We can set a date and have a cup of coffee, while sharing on how you can start the business. We have a few business plans available that you can choose from, and I will explain to you in detail about those plans.

Do we need to invest some capital?
YES. You just need RM50 as membership fee. Then, you can decide to proceed with any product and plan, as normal distributors or higher level managers. The amount of capital invested depends on the product that you have chosen. It is all up to you to start with either big or small investment.

Do we get bonus commission every month? How much can we get every month?
YES, every month your bonus will be credited directly into your bank account. Your monthly income will depend on your individual and group sales monthly performance. The higher sales you achieve, the more bonus you'll receive! You can reach up to 4, 5, and 6-figures of monthly income.

Is it hard to sell the product?
NO, because a great product speaks for itself! Premium Beautiful Corset is one of our top selling product and it has been in the market for 18 years and counting. Advertising in tv commercials, billboards, newspapers and magazines are already taken care off by our Company. Our job is just to spread the awareness within the community and the best part is, our team, the GREEN LEADERS GROUP is the top online pioneers and retailers. We are using social media network marketing such as Facebook, blog, Instagram and others to conquer the online market. We are going worldwide!

Are there any other benefits that I can receive from this business?
YESWe have FREE TRIPS three times a year, including a Europe trip! All fully sponsored, from flight tickets (MAS Airlines), food, 5 star hotel, and etc. You will receive monthly Car Fund and have a chance to drive your dream car. 

I know nothing about business, I have no experience, I don't know how to blog, I don't know anything...HOW CAN I START AND BE SUCCESSFUL?
All of us started this business with ZERO KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS. It is our responsibilities to train and coach you all the way! You will never be alone in this business, as you have me as your mentor. Duplicate every steps taken by successful mentors and you will definitely achieve your dreams. Simple rule...FOLLOW THE RIGHT MENTOR AND THE RIGHT TEAM!

I am here to share a great business opportunity that can change your life 360 degrees!

Choose Green Leaders Academy Malaysia!

Choose to be my Business Partners!

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